Nieuws van de greenkeeping

Iedere zomer worden de greens geprikt met holle-pennen. Dit jaar hebben de greenkeepers een andere geslaagde methode toegepast. Lees hier het verslag van onze greenkeeper.

Our goal this year was to concentrate on a successful overseeding method.

As greens dominated with the finer grass species (Bent/Fescue), create firm, fine and fast greens. If continued successfully, invasive grasses like annual meadow will become less, which will improve the playing quality, a reduction in the propensity to build thatch and improved disease tolerance (better surfaces that are easier to manage). The finer grasses are good and must be the object of our intention.

We managed this by prikken with wider tines at a much shallower depth to create a good seedbed for our Fescue seed. You can see from the pictures we were very successful this year.

Regards, greenkeeping Lee Lennox